Language Course Details

Course: N5 Level (JLPT N5/NAT L5/J-Test L5)

Total Course Duration: 180 Hours

Course Duration: 4 Months

Batch Size: 20 Students (Max)

Course Fee: BDT 16,000

Why Language Required

For Daily Life

To continue your daily life in Japan, you must know Japanese Language since Japanese people usually do not speak English or any other foreign language. Even if you want to buy groceries or wish to travel buy public transport, you need to know Japanese Language.

For Study

For the students who wish to pursue their higher education in Japan, Japanese Language is very important for them. Most Japanese universities and graduate schools offer different graduate and post graduate courses in Japanese. That is why expertise in Japanese Language is required to pursue higher studies in Japan.

For Part-Time Job

If students want to work on part-time basis while they study in Japan, Japanese Language is a must. Without Japanese Language it is quite impossible to get a job in Japan. On the contrary,

if a student knows Japanese, it is very easy for him to get a part-time job and support his educational expenses. The better the Japanese Language proficiency, the higher the salary.

 For Full Time Job

For full time or permanent job, one should know business or advance level of Japanese Language. There is good chance to get permanent full time job with lesser skills if you know Japanese Language.

For Permanent Residency

To get Permanent Residency (PR) or Green Card in Japan, one must know certain level of Japanese Language. This is one of the major criteria to get PR in Japan.

For Citizenship

To get Japanese Citizenship you must know sufficient level of Japanese Language along with other mandatory elements.

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