Name of Language Institutes

Universities after Language Course

  • Three H Japanese Language School, Chiba, Tokyo

  • JOTO Japanese School, Nishikameari, Tokyo

  • OJI Language School, Tokyo

  • Umikaze Academy of Japanese Language, Osaka

  • Kinoshita Campus Japanese Language School, Tokyo

  • OJI Language School, Saitama

  • Kokusho Japanese Language School, Tokyo

  • Kasuga Japanese Language Academy, Kobe

  • NPO Asian House Institute, Osaka

  • An Language School, Tokyo

  • Nagoya Advance Academy, Nagoya

  • The University of Tokyo

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Osaka University

  • Doshisha University

  • Waseda University

  • Yokohama National University

  • Kokusho Japanese Language School, Tokyo

  • Kasuga Japanese Language Academy, Kobe

  • Sophia University

  • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)

  • Kyoto University

  • Meiji Gakuin University

Services of Ichiban Study Link

  • School Interview training & Interview arrangement

  • Document processing & Japanese translations

  • FedEx/DHL/Courier cost

  • International Student Account file opening

  • Embassy interview training & File processing

  • Airport pickup in Japan

  • Accommodation arrangement in Japan

  • Health Insurance & Residence Permit in Japan

  • Part-Time Work Permit &  job assistance

Why Japan

Japan has boomed, and is yet still booming – it has an increasingly fast-paced economy (it’s currently the world’s third-largest) and its social system has advanced at an incredible rate as a result. Practically speaking, this means the educational systems are brand new and streamlined, the infrastructure of the cities is advanced, and the entire country is safe, wealthy and welcoming. It’s a great place to move to even if you’re not studying.

  • Part-time job availability

  • Students can work up to 28 hours part-time job per week

  • Students can work full time during vacation

  • Full Time Job after finishing study

  • Easy to get visa, Permanent Residency (PR) & Citizenship

  • Students do not need to take money from home after going to Japan

  • High standard education & Scholarship availability

Area of Study

There are more than 700 universities in Japan. Almost every subject in the world is available in these universities. The major areas of study in Japan are as follows –

  • Japanese Language

  • Arts and Humanities

  • Medical, Clinical, Pre-Clinical and Health

  • Engineering & Information Technology

  • Business Studies

  • Physical Sciences

  • Social Sciences

  • Life Sciences

Part Time Job Details

Students are allowed to work 28 hours per week in Japan during their semester period. But they can work full time during vacation. However, permission from Japan Ministry of Justice is required before starting part time work in Japan.

Ichiban Study Link gets that permission for students after getting visa and students need to submit that letter to the airport immigration when they land in Japan.Ichiban Study Link also assists students in getting part time job in Japan as quickly as possible. Ichiban Study Link has very good contact persons and Bangladeshi community in Japan who helps Ichiban students get part time job very quickly after landing in Japan.

Settlement Way

There is a good opportunity to be settled in Japan and stay forever. According to a recently declared upcoming rule, foreigners may get Green Card (Permanent Residency) after residing one year in Japan if requirements are fulfilled. Besides, Japanese citizenship is also possible. It takes around five to ten years to get.

Ichiban Study Link will provide all sort of guidance to its students about opportunities and procedure of application for Green Card or Citizenship in Japan.